Not so professional FS?


flux studio should have an advanced mode with retraction settings bridging angle etc. like in simplify 3d it should have an option to enable advanced mode so users can get better prints (i mean people who want to) :slight_smile: by learning how to control the settings, what’s your opinion on this?


Do you mean more user-friendly than the expert settings tab, where you can change any and all of the settings? :stuck_out_tongue:


Here is a first lesson that I’d learned from beginning.



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dont kill me, i mean expert settings in a more user friendly manner!


I have a same question as you one year ago and switched to Simplify3D after 3 months of using FS.


yeah but…

it costs a loooooot of money


If you want easy settings… then that’s what you need to do! :stuck_out_tongue: That or work how to drive the Delta via Cura if that is possible, or play with the settings in the expert tab! :wink: No such thing as a free lunch you know! :laughing:


thats rightt…
ill have to go for it, now its 1100 dollar printer in total (incl. shipping).


Simplify3D gets cheaper every supported printer that you get… since you only have to buy one copy (is that a good enough excuse to buy one or two more??) :stuck_out_tongue: Having said that… I haven’t bought it yet either… I worked out that I could get an education discount for it though… so will be getting it shortly once some money is freed up :wink:


ill check out the educational account. but is it legal, because im not in a university?


and is it compatible with flux delta + i mean its compatible with flux delta so will it work with the plus model?


Whatever changes to the profile that are needed to fully support the Delta+ shouldn’t take too long to surface. And if you’re not at uni, you probably won’t be able to get it (as they do check for uni id, etc), unless you have a friend you can bribe to get it for you! :wink: