Not happy with Beamo Air filter

Hi everybody. I have the original FLUX air filter attached to my Beamo. In addition I use a seperate air cleaner. The air cleaner finds usually 001 ppm as the basic “pollution” in my workshop. As soon as I start the Lasercutter (with air filter on), the pollution goes up to 020 or 030 ppm. Still not that much, but there is in addition a quite heavy smell when I cut acrylic glas. I googled studies about the toxicity of acrylic fumes, the say that there is no harm (under normal circumstances). But still I don’t feel happy.
So I am bit disappointed of the FLUX Airfilter. As a work around I will now extend the exhaust pipe for six meters and bring so the fumes in a store room I don’t use. But as said: That’s a work around. I would prefer a better filter…
Any suggestions?

I went with this one after speaking with Matterhackers, as I had my doubts about the Flux air filter. I am cutting acrylic indoors with no smell.

Edit: I had to 3D print custom adaptors for the hose.

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Thanks. Will check it out.