Not feeling the love from my flux


Well, I have been playing with my flux, mainly the printer head, and so far, out of all my attempts, only one model completed intact, and then, only once… I have tried multiple models/prints, every one ends up as a blob… so far, I hate this machine. I think it’s destined for the shed… I run 3 other non flux printers, and rarely have any problems… buyers remorse


I’ve found that the people here can be very helpful if you are looking for advice. However they aren’t mind readers - supplying links to the models, your setting and images of the “blobs” as well as your machine setup would likely get some helpful tips a bit quicker.

Many of us run the printer daily and without issue. There is a chance there is an issue with your printer that may require a replacement or a support ticket - but again without more actual information no one can guess at what is going on.


‘Blobs’ are typically related to lack of 1st layer adhesion. Since it seems to be a new printer, I would assume you are using the stock metal plate. Are you putting a good layer of stick glue down? Have you tried using blue painters tape on the plate to create more grip? Do you have the magnetic print mat? If you don’t, it is highly recommended and worth the added expense. The other options are a build-tak pad or something similar. As long as your first layer gets good adhesion, the printer should work fine. As mentioned by @dawnhawk, we need more information. What are you trying to print? Are you printing with Raft and/or Support on? What are the temps you are printing at? 1st layer is typically higher than others, so you get better adhesion, but you need to also have enough temp to get proper fusion of subsequent layers to the previous layers. Hope some of this helps. -Lance


Thank you so much for your excellent advise, the printer is a new flux delta plus, and I am using the sticky magnetic plate, and using all the default settings, which may not be a great idea, but I’m trying to understand the printer before making any changes to the defaults… I will give the sticky method you mentioned a try, seems reasonable, just something that I never worried about with my other printers, but sounds to be a good idea, I did get this to print (see attached) but only once…


If you are using the magnetic mat that came with you shouldn’t be tape or glue (that’s if you are printing directly on the metal). However as Lance mentioned id check the temp of your initial layer and other layers. I also have the delta plus (the v2) and I’ve changed the settings a few times. Especially once I ran out of flux filament and started using different brands. They all need a bit of tweaking.

The octocat there looks good! Can we see one of the failed ones as well to see where and when it went wrong?