New way to clean the nozzle yourself!

We invented a new way to clean the PLA residue which clogs the nozzle. The instruction is attached as the subtitles. Please turn them on while watching.

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This is very cool but does not help me in my newest problem: a glob of melted PLA forms above the heated area in the tube near the top connection. No amount of heating will melt it and I often have to forcefully push it down into the heated area with a metal (brass) rod. This is happening in the middle of prints when a glob will clog the upper extruder module and needs petty harsh force.

how about using oil ?

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They call this the “atomic pull” in other printing circles. Basically, melt filament into the nozzle, and pull it out when the plastic is a bit cooler and more solid. It’s a handy trick when you’re changing colors or materials.


It’s also called a ‘cold pull’. I’ve done it using either of the filament load or unload functions to heat the print block, but this is a little less annoying than dealing with the filament getting run in or out while you’re working the hotend.

like this?

I suspect a thermal cause, since filament mustn’t melt where it obviously did here. Maybe some fans got disconnected or the software stopped to start them properly.
A possible solution - curing symptoms only, though - I’ll give a try is a “push-through” type of hose connector on top of the extruder head, using a PTFE tube all the way from the filament drive to the nozzle.