New version Flux 9.17 and 9.18 was just realesed (No version notes)


Here is what is in the new Version:

– Fix filling in non-filled paths in SVG file format
– Fix selecting scanning printer
– Fix Windows x86 3d slicing
– Fix Gcode importing
– Fix slicing error in a small part of Windows X64

– Display only available machine model in different features ( Beambox / Delta )
– Support left-aligning for DXF importation
– Support autofilling proper DPI for DXF importation
– Support SVG embedded bitmap with divide by color mode in Beambox Engraving

– Support relative bitmap path in SVG file format
– Support dash line in SVG file format
– Support Beambox’s new camera
– Support scene saving in Beambox Engraving
– Support object alignment in Beambox Engraving


Interesting, I have time that I dont update my flux software because it was more oriented to the new product that flux team is selling, but I notice that these fix some issues on gcode and other more things, maybe I will try it this time.


I had to go back to 9.16 because the versions after have a slicing engine error on any stl I try to slice.