New type of fillment you would like to see come out

I’m very curious as to how to make certain fillment?
I know there is fillment that can withstand extreme heat, but is there fillment that can withstand extreme heat and read tempeture? For example I place it in a 160-340 oven and when it reaches certain tempeture the 3d printed object changes color. So if it was 165 f the fillment would be blue if it reaches 200 f the fillment would change to green. When it reaches 300 f the object would then change to orange…

I’m interested because in my field of work we work with and conveyor dryer and it most reach 320 f in order to insure the object is truely dry or in my work term “cured” if it’s not we run the risk of it peeling off or cracking.

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This is on the market, not sure if it can be customized but i think a quick email to them wouldn’t hurt.

Thank you missing link.

No problem, kinda curious about this myself.