New to 3d Printing


Hi Delta users, I am Ken and I am new to 3d printing and I have a few issues… When I use a different filament and I alter the toolhead temperatures and apply them they revert to Flux temperatures when I try to print.

When i try to scan the rotating table is not in a position to allow the calibration tool, when inserted in its slot, to be at right angles to the scan and the machine will not scan. If however I turn off the machine and rotate the table manually I can then get it to calibrate and scan but it will never complete the scan and the calibration slot ends up not at right angles to the scan axis again.

Your help would be appreciated, please.

Ken from rainy England


If you are facing such problem, then you can go with You can find here all beginner guide regarding printing.


Hi timabel, Thank you for your help. I am busy reading the article that you suggested and I expect to learn a lot from it.

Regards Ken


Hi Ken, Nick from wet hampshire here.

I had the exact same problem with the scanner calibration plate not lining up.

The quick fix is turn the machine off (Or i think click on the Flux symbol top left of the user screen. this will allow you to change from each mode i.e. laser engraver, scanner, printer etc)

once this machine is off, you can freely rotate the scan platform to align the slot so it is parallel.

I hope that this helps.

Happy Storm Brian.



Hi Nick, Thank you for your response. I have in fact tried this and the calibration then takes place but the scan does not seem to rotate for 360 degrees but stops with the slot not aligned.

The scans so far are ok for part of the rotation but then seem to produce a kind of mirror image before failing.

I will try again in the hope that scanning is not completely useless.

By the way I live in Cranleigh, Surrey so we may not be all that far apart if you are in Hampshire UK.

Regards Ken


Hi Ken,

I am only in Bordon. This sounds exactly the same as my experience… I remember scanning a simple Cube. I only really ordered the printer as a bit of fun and a potential foot in the water exercise regarding the scanning. I have since bought a slightly more expensive scanner so not so worried about the flux capabilities.

It would be nice to at least get it working though. I think the forum is predominantly filament based but maybe worth pioneering some future upgrades regarding the scan facility. It could certainly benefit from a second camera.

Maybe we could get a local forum meet and greet…


Hi Nick, It looks as if we have a common interest and I think that a local forum would be a good idea but sometimes they can be difficult to get sterted.

I am in the process of rejoining Guildford Model Engineering Society as i know that there are some members there who are interested in 3d printing( I was a member many years ago.

Regards Ken


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