New Flux Version 9.3


I just saw a new version is uploaded, now with release notes.

FLUX Studio 0.9.3


– Beambox SVG parser support symbol and clipping mask


– “Change Filament” and “Set Toolhead Temperature” doesn’t not work

– Beambox camera calibration return “Cannot read property ‘x’ of undefined”

Posted on 2018-01-17

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FLUX Studio 0.9.2


– Beambox supported

– Flexible filament spported


Just noticed that also, but 0.9.3 was not available at the download site. In fact, right after I saw it, i wanted to poke around to make sure I had the latest version of everything but it seems the site went down. I’ll have to try again later.


I just went to look for the 9.3. And you are correct. The release notes are up on the blog for 9.3. But the download is not there


The MacOS version of 0.9.2 does not run on MacOS 10.13.2. :frowning:

It crashes…

hope 0.9.3 is better once it’s released.


The download 9.3 is now available. I will try it tonight!


No improvement with 0.9.3 on MacOS, application still crashes. Sad.


Did I understand the Changelog right? Nothing is improved, fixed or changed in versions 092 and 093 concerning 3D printing?


look above there were two fixes, and Beambox features added


Yes, I saw them but they did not affect my printing routine with v091. I am able to load and unload filament before or after prints. I did not try changing halfway through so far since v07 or v08. I guess my printing needs are basic! If I am not mistaken, the 2 they claim to be fixed were working in earlier versions, mid-summer versions, 07 or 08. As I am not interested in scanning, drawing, or engraving, I may keep working with v091 until v100.

My present issue is the hole which developed in the centre of my magnetic build surface, which is affecting the offset setting. I filled the hole with 5minute epoxy but it still has some recess. Presently I set my offset to 0.8mm, without that the nozzle scrapes the surface and the extruder clicks all the way until layer 2. For small prints, I move the build platform a few mm off center and leveling works as it should. At some point, I will stick a cheap ebay build-surface on this one, I guess…


I’m running MacOS 10.12.6, and when v9.3 launches the menu bar populates and there is a spinning wheel center screen. When I quit the program from the menu bar, this is what I get…





I tried 9.2 and 9.2 both error out on my Mac OSX with High Sierra as well… 9.2 windows works.



In 9.3 if you change the slicing engine form cura2 to either of the other two engines you will get this error in Windows version (OSX 9.3 or 9.2 does not work at all))



submitted a support ticket for the osx problem and the windows problem


Let us all know what you hear back with. 9.2 ran on my Window 10 system but I could not load/unload filament…went back to 0.9.1 for now. I might try 0.9.3 since the release notes mention fixing “change filament”.


Have not heard anything as of yet, with the support ticket, but noticed a new test flight application available


I just posted a note onto the support ticket asking for status, no updates at this point. No one reached out, I’m hopeful we hear about getting fixes for the OSX issue and 9.3 windows versions.