New Flux Version 1.2.2

I haven’t tried it, but saw this today.


  1. Fix Delta+ engraving / cutting / drawing thumbnails and svg parsing
  2. Fix Delta+ command options with usb cable
  3. Fix FCODE_CRC_ERROR for large files
  4. Fix reloading DXF from BVG files
  5. Improve usability of partial UI

Just started using my Flux Delta (upgraded, so IIRC it’s essentially a Delta+) again as it has a new workspace. Upgraded to v1.0.0, updated machine firmware to v1.6.86, toolhead was already v1.2.18. Seems to be working perfectly with default settings for a quick 22 minute print.

Anything in the post 1.0.0 updates that warrant the beta versions out? I’m on windows if that matters…

I noticed that laser etching on the printer got MUCH slower between 0.9 and 1.2. The head speed is slow to reposition between lines. If you have a chance to try that out, I’d love to hear what you’re currently seeing with 1.2.2

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I tried the 1.2.5 version and lost connection to printer. Couldn’t get it back so reverted back to 1.2.2 which seems to be printing ok. Haven’t tried any other functions.

FS v1.2.2 broke the Camera connection in Max OS X, High Sierra. Camera works OK in FS 1.0.0B after re-install. I wish they check thoroughly all updates before they release them…