New Flux Studio 9.12


Support Beambox regional preview
Support Guides
Connect-machine and Wifi-select pages
Beambox Pro wrong dimension
Unit input
Printing feature’s preview bar
Beambox fail to parse svg which have comments
Beambox preview background selectable
Windows certificate sign


@Simon Problem with this build -

Once you select preview, the slider never goes away and the menus do not function properly, such as select quality, support off, raft off, or raft on, etc. They are then screwed up.



Tried playing with it again, the menu issues occur not only when you select the sliders but all the time. Also once you do scaling, and then make a copy. The copied item has scaling issues - The link function is not visible anymore. The link function is the function that allows you to set proportional scaling, or where you can change individual components at different scales.

To Summarize:

  1. Menu Issues
  2. CRC issues still persist when uploading the image to the printer, never had this with earlier releases.
  3. Scaling issue as I described,

Anyone find anything else?




I can’t import my gcode file on Flux studio version 9.6 and later, the error message said a model is oversize!!! I’m going back to 9.1 and it’s fine. My Kickstarter’s Flux printer is still working fine after long break. Thanks, Flux team.


I put all of these issues into a support ticket. Hopefully they get worked out, I went back to 9.7 for now.