New Beambox Pro - Laser not working



My supposedly brand new Beambox Pro arrived today and after having sorted out numerous intermediary issues with the machine I finally stalled at a point where I do not know what to do.

When the machine arrived the touch screen didn’t work. I fixed this by opening the electronics compartment and checked all the cables to the display. One must have jumped out during transport I guess…

Then I realised that one of the magnets for the door were already put in place and the machine’s name was Jesse… Which made me wonder if I had been sent a used model.

After firmware upgrade and machine name change I had to restart the software and the machine multiple times to make the connection again. Then I started calibrating the camera, which wouldn’t work because it kept telling me the door was open… It was not possible to fix this with the two magnets that came with the machine but fortunately I had a bigger neurodyme magnet in a closet that did the trick.

Once I was able to start calibration I realised the final and crucial problem - the laser would not cut.

I went through the calibration advice and taped the mirror hoops to no avail. When pulsing, the laser emits pink/purple light but the tape strips are not touched. I even tested putting a piece of tape in front of mirror no 1 with no effect.

I have no idea what to do next, or indeed if there is anything I can do to fix this without a full laser tube replace.

Anyone else recognise this issue?


Maybe. Before giving up that the tube doesn’t work try with the tape as indicated and a 1/4” of wood under the lens (in case the following works). I found i could be too fast or too light of touch on the two laser buttons. Instead give a firmpush on the pulse button and see what develops. If that doesn’t with give a form 1.5 second push. If that doesn’t work try the other button and turn it on for a slow count of three at 50% power and then turn it off. If you can’t burn through the tape your tube is probably bad. Also, I’ve had 2 tubes go bad and in both cases, instead of one nearly round hole in the tape I would get oblong our crescent holes… and usually 3-5 small holes the totality not as large as a working tube. Finally, there is a setting somewhere, in the LCD screen or the studio software (like when you run a diagnostic report) that will tell you use time in the tube… unless they reset it. .


Check the water level.


Thanks for the replies guys, really appreciate it!

I’ve checked the water levels and it’s all good - run the pump several times and the tank remains full.

The laser tube’s use time is 0.26 hours so (as long as it’s not been reset) that doesn’t seem to be the issue.

I have already gone through the tape tests but since the laser doesn’t even make a mark in a piece of tape put right in front of mirror 1, even when I’ve run the laser for 5-7 seconds I can’t see how further fiddling with tape would help out.

I’m wondering if there’s something wrong with the laser tube lens itself since it’s doing it’s fluorescent thing without anything seemingly coming out the end?

I posted a ticket to support a few hours before I found this forum but haven’t heard back from Flux yet. Feels awkward to have these many issues with a brand new machine.

Any other suggestions would be very gratefully received.

Thank you!