Need guidance replacing PTFE tube in print head


Hey team. I went all in on resuscitating my Flux Delta by tackling the extrusion problem. I disassembled the top to clean the feeding mechanism and did find some issues there on the gearing. Cleaned that up and replaced the feeder tube with a new one. That part went swimmingly until I broke the motor controller connector on the PCB when reassembling :scream:.

For that I’m waiting on the flux team to get back to me after lunar new year vacation and hopefully I can order another PCB.

Undeterred by stupidity, I tackled the print head which was definitely clogged. After removing and cleaning the nozzle, when pushing out the clogged filament in the print head housing, of course the PTFE tube popped out. The tube itself was in decent shape but I failed in my attempts to put it back in and marred it. So, in anticipation of my ordering replacements from the flux store, I came to this forum looking for tips on reinstalling a new PTFE tube, but was unsuccessful. Can anyone give me any tips? or is it more straightforward when you have a brand new PTFE tube? As attempts to reinstall the old tube was extremely difficult.