Long story short - my family has three daughters (I have two sisters) and we all are part of the “math and sciences” bent (Comp sci, Environmental sciences, Archaeology, Bio-medical Engineering and Pharmacy - between the three of us).

The youngest of us now has two young daughters of her own.

So we are rather enthusiastic when it comes to STEM toys, activities etc.

Which lead me to this site:

But rather than let us access the STL files like normal people, they “stream” the prints to compatible printers.

I’ve sent a request asking them to look into the Flux Delta +, but they require that Flux also integrate with their software (and give very little detail about what would actually be involved with that because…“reasons”) and basically just say “reach out to your developer”. insert IT eye roll here

So this is me reaching out. Would others be interested enough in this for their own purposes to encourage Flux to do this? (pretty please?)


Any response to this post from the flux team will be great!!!
This should not be deficult and also give you some kind of “Free-Promo” to the Flux Family (not just the fluxdelta+).