My Pre-Order DHL Tracking Information Received (Flux Pre-Order Survey Page Didn't Update)

Thought everyone waiting on their pre-orders should know, I got an email from DHL telling me of the tracking number last night (WOOT!). This information however did not make it on the pre-order survey page (…) I’m okay with this, just thought people would want to know!

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My preorder is shipped too!!

Mine too.

But I’m a bit worried, because these two packages weight only 0.5KG.

WEIGHT: 0.5, Kg(s)
CONTENTS: 3D Printer and Accessories

Must be the printer itself and two extra rolls of filament.

The E-mail sent to me from flux has that info but the actual tracking link has no info yet. I hope it ships tomorrow :pray:

DHL will inform recipient right after we create a waybill in the DHL system. It a sign that FLUX have confirmed your information, but it is not related to the shipping date. It will take some time for factory to match the waybills and the packages. However, you can expect to receive the package within a week or two, but not in 2-3 days.

Thank you @simon for clarify the situation.

I became the mail too. But shouldnt be the hole package with 5 extra fillaments ~9kg?

Due to the size of package, if you have more than 3 filaments, you will receive another package of filaments.

But the printer itself weighs way more than 0.5kg. will it ship in another package too?

Yes, the only parts you should confirm with the DHL letter is that parts of recipient name, country and address.

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Ah ok. Thank you verry much for your fast reply.

@simon - my tracking number still is not working. The pre-order site said shipping would be as of last week - is there a new shipping timeline?

Same here still no new information.

My tracking number is still not working too. It just says no information available…

Hi Pre-Orders,
On Flux-Kickstarter is a comment from Shaun which also provide information about pre-orders.

  • we found manufacturing defects of the printing toolheads in a small production batch
  • decide to pause the production and ask the manufacturer to rework all the printing toolheads
  • After we ship the packages to all the rest backers next week, we will start shipping FLUX Deltas to pre-order customers

So we need a little more patience to receive our Flux Delta.

i hope it will not take much longer. i really want my printer and have some fun with it :smiley:

I knew about that tomtux, just curious if there was an official lead time. Having had to deal with one printer already having issues and needing an RMA, I’m happy to wait for the best product available, just curious how long that will take.

Looks like mine shipped!!

Mine shipped today as well.

Same here. Shipped and on its way to switzerland.

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