My own Delta design

I’ve been working on designing my own Delta printer for the last year or so, and I’m getting ready to actually build it. The design has picked up speed and is almost finalized, and the pile of parts is growing. Fingers crossed, I will build it at MRRF in 2 weeks (March 18-20).

Is anybody interested in having me chronicle my adventure? I don’t want to spam the forum if nobody else is interested.

In short, here’s what brewing:
12" build diameter with a 12-16" build height (almost identical to my Rostock Max), enclosed build chamber, carbon fiber arms, 400 step motors, 24vdc power, SmoothieBoard control with Graphic LCD (maybe Duet and PanelDue as an upgrade down the road), onboard RaspBerry Pi connectivity, 110v AC bed heat (525w) on an SSR, force sensing resistors for bed leveling, E3D V6 hotend, geared extruder, etc…


That is pretty awesome.

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Post you progress if you may… :slightly_smiling:

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I would love to see your progress on this.

It looks like your design has all the electronic parts in the top. What material do you plan on making it out of?

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Just finished my design files and exported them into DXF for the lasercutter! This thing is really going to happen.

Here’s the design overall. The glass build plate is 12" in diameter, and I’ll be able to reach a 12-15" height depending on the diameter.

All of the electronics are mounted in the top. Smoothie board, full graphic LCD, RaspBerry Pi, 0.9 degree stepper motors, etc. I’m also using a gear reduction stepper with a PTFE liner like the LulzBot FlexyStruder so that I’ll hopefully be able to print with flexible filament. I also left room for the BondTech extruder (that’s actually the mount I’ll use either way) just in case my own design doesn’t perform as well as it does. There’s space for 3 extruders as is. In the future I may look at even more with CMYK printing as the successor to the diamond hotend matures.

The frame has aluminum angle braces to keep things from twisting and flexing. This also gives me a larger surface that acts like a washer and lets me torque the screws without indenting the melamine parts of the frame.

The side covers are vented as much as possible for cooling. I also have space for an 80mm fan in the top and the bottom.

The heated bed is a 6 pound Mic6 aluminum plate with 525 watts of silicone heating pads under it. I’m also going to have the plate float on FSRs so that I can do a probing calibration like the FLUX does.

The base has a 24VDC power supply to give the 400 step motors a little better kick since they’ll be moving so fast. I’ve also got a solid state relay for the bed heat as well as an 80mm fan in the base.

The electronics are ready. The aluminum is in transit. The wood will be cut in the next few days… This thing is going to live soon!


That looks nice! I’d buy those plans and BOM if you ever sell them :slightly_smiling:

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Once I get the kinks worked out, sure.

It’s melamine, by the way, Basically MDF fiberboard with a layer of plastic (actually a plant plastic called melamine) cladding the outside.

I got some test pieces back from Trick Laser last weekend, but have been so busy designing that I didn’t assemble them for a test fit until earlier this evening. They’re looking pretty sharp!


Yeah that looks pretty clean. I’ll be keeping my eye on this thread :grinning:

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I haven’t posted an update in a while, so here are some snippets of the build. So far so good. I’ve got a few little things that I’ll change in the next revision, but overall I’ve been quite pleased. I’ll type some more later, but for now here are some pictures.


Are you printing with it yet, or still just building it?

I’ve got the arms and effector installed and have the software to where I can home the machine and jog it around, and I bolted the new hotend on and wired it last night. I’ve got a little bit of SPI interface work to do with the thermocouple I’m using in the hotend, and I’ve still got to design and print my FSR holders to go under the heated bed, but that’s really about all that’s left. There’s quite a bit done that I don’t have pictures of, so I’ll have to update that later.

Fingers crossed, I’ll be printing this weekend.


Are you going to call this the Flux Echo??

Nice work, man, good luck on having everything work the way you want it but from the looks of it, you got it.

Quick question, I sort of like the Spool holder on top of the Flux, by chance, would you be willing to share the file to print something like that for my Delta? I have been looking for something like that and that would be perfect for what I have.

Thanks in advance…

[quote=“Kevin_Anthony, post:12, topic:786”]
Are you going to call this the Flux Echo??
[/quote] It’s closer to my Rostock Max, so maybe it’s the Rostock Ultra? Haven’t decided quite yet :slightly_smiling:

[quote=“Kevin_Anthony, post:12, topic:786”]
I sort of like the Spool holder on top of the Flux, by chance, would you be willing to share the file to print something like that for my Delta?
[/quote]Here’s the spool holder broken out of the rest of the design. I moved the joining plate so that the parts didn’t fuse into a single solid. When you’re lasercutting, you can often use the kerf of the laser as the fitting tolerance, so the solids would be coincident otherwise.

I am working on a design for a FLUX spool holder that’s similar, but I’ve been too busy building the new printer to finish it. After sketching it up, I think I’ll have to modify it a bit because of how recessed the spool cavity is on the FLUX. I’ll keep you posted when I’ve got something worth trying.


Truly a work of art man. It’s awesome and I am super jelly. Good job. I can’t wait to see the finished product and it’s skills getting shown off. By the way, I call dibs when you move on to version 2, lol! :wink:

I thought you said for a moment Rockstar to the Max but Rostock Max is good too. :slightly_smiling:

Can’t wait for you to fiddle with the dimensions of the TOP of the FLUX in order to build a better holder. That sketch up of the holder would be great for the FLUX and considered EXTRA-ordinary.

Please, Please keep up the work and let us know when you got a good spool holder. With all the tweaks the community has made to the FLUX, this is one that would hit the top.

Thanks, you are my new best friend.

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Hi there, looking great.

Nice! I hadn’t seen this before now, but I’ve also been working on a vertical spool mount for oversized filament reels. Each idea/prototype has been simpler than the last. Looking forward to seeing if I can bang out another idea this weekend. I’ve been enjoying FLUX a lot more since learning Fusion 360 :slight_smile:

[quote=“Jimustanguitar, post:13, topic:786”]
After sketching it up, I think I’ll have to modify it a bit because of how recessed the spool cavity is on the FLUX.[/quote]

Your comment pushed me to make my own insert to provide additional footing for the spool holder I’m using (an acrylic Anycubic spool older, which balances somewhat precariously on the rim around the spool recess in the top of the Flux). Here’s the preview from Meshmixer:

It was created in OpenSCAD, and is a 165mm disk 2mm thick (the actual recess is somewhat more than the Flux’s print bed size, which is annoying) with an 800mm hole cut out of the middle, with six hexagonal legs 50mm long. Here it is inverted in the spool recess so you can see how it fits:

and here it is in the correct upright position to provide additional footing for something sitting on the top of my Flux:

If I wanted to get fancier, I could have set it up to print in pieces, and gotten it to completely occupy the spool recess except for a cutout at the filament feed, but this was about five minutes’ work in OpenSCAD and does the job well enough.

If anyone wants to print one for themselves, I’ve published it on Thingiverse as Thing 1844201.

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Nicely done!

I had the pleasure of doing lunch with MilkDog the other day, and he reminded me that I haven’t done a good job of keeping this thread going…

I’ve redesigned a few things here and there, and haven’t really reached a point that I’d consider finished quite yet. I’ve gotten some nice prints out of it, but can’t help myself from wanting to keep changing things :slight_smile: Here’s an example of how awesome the prints are. My other printers put these vertical bands in my parts. The new printer does not.

Two of the largest struggles that I’ve had to overcome are related to FSR bed leveling, and getting the bed to reach temp. My bed is a 6 pound (~3kg) chunk of mic6 aluminum tool plate. It’s a very large thermal mass, and it’s overkill for this application, requires MORE than the 525W of heat that I’ve got on it.

That much aluminum also makes it difficult for my FSRs to detect the hotend probing. I’m very pleased with the FSR mounts that I designed, but it’s just too much weight to expect it to notice a light tap of the hotend.

The other unforeseen struggle that I’ve been battling is belt clearance. I designed these nice plastic pieces to hold some 608 bearings for the belt to ride on, but I’ve been finding that the plastic crushes a little bit and will act like a brake on the belt, and make the movements from that particular carriage go “fuzzy”. The fix will be to make them out of resin. I’m working on that now.

Next on the list is upgrading to the Chimera extruder from E3D. I’ve had enough difficult jobs from customers with extreme overhangs lately, that I’ve decided to make this a priority sooner than later. I also need to get around to designing some fan shrouds for it, and to finish the enclosure.

I’ve also been distracted by a large resin printer build that we’re doing at work. The idea is to make a DLP resin printer that fits larger installation grade and venue projectors…

Anyway, slow moving but never static. I’ll try to do better about posting updates.