Multi-object removal


Here is a crazy idea that would be super handy.

Let’s say you are printing a bunch of smaller parts. Let’s say 10. About 3/4 through your print one of them comes loose from the print bed for some reason. You pause the print, mutter swear words to yourself and then cancel the print because it’s going to waste filament and also increases the possibility of ruining the other parts.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could go in and tell the program to now ignore that one item (Basically re-slicing everything, yes I know)? If it’s not even remotely possible let me know but if there is a way it would be amazing.


It seems like this idea comes up at some point or another in just about every printing community I’ve been a part of. :slight_smile: Great minds must think alike.

I’m no programmer, but here’s how I’ve thought through how it might work… Basically the slicer would need to assign each separate object an identifier, and then start and end each object’s sections of GCode with a command or comment that included the identifier… Then you could write a new M command into the machine firmware that would let you specify an object ID to ignore… Slice your multi-object print into “indexed” GCode, start your print, and then if a specific object failed just send the M command with whichever ID you needed to ignore, and bam… I think it could work that way.

It would also require that the host program and machine firmware would have a terminal or allow you to send GCode commands to the machine while it was working, even if that was off of SD or USB. That’s the other bit of coding tweakery that would need to happen. You could even work it into the GUI of the printing status page. If a part fails, click on its preview on the status page and just cancel it…