Multi-colour Printing with One Extruder


Yep, í’d love to be able to switch filaments during print. It can be done by just software adoption without hw change. @Simon


You know what would be amazing. If the software automatically stopped the print when it knew how much of the colour needs to be left and on the top of the printer it had a exact point where to cut the filament. So the software basically compensates for the gap between filaments and to the point where it extruded the next colour part of the object. So you could just start the print and the printer would stop when it is finished with one colour and prompt you to cut and insert next colour filament.


I’ve been printing multi-color for a while now on the FLUX.

Please see my other post.


@Hunter @proclaim @MARU

The Mosaic Mfg. Palette is out now. (I wish the price would drop a bit)

Has there been any more contact with FLUX to make it compatible?


@BoozeKashi I checked Mosaic Mfg. site and they claim Palette is compatible with any 3D printer that accepts 1.75mm PLA and gcode files. I think their software creates the gcode file. It would be very nice if Flux engineers get one and test it thoroughly with the Flux Delta.

But, at $1K US + shipping ($1350 CDN + taxes 13% + $20 shipping)), it is a big investment for me to take a gamble on a very new unproven technology. It is not only the hardware that is new, but the software, which is critical. If their claim and pictures are true, with time clones will come out and the price will drop, like it did for the 3D printers.


Yes, a bit too much for me too at this point.

I was following up because FLUX Team had actually been in contact with them previously, so I just wanted to see how that was going, if there was any recent news.

There can’t be all that much to it other than 4 steppers, some PTFE, maybe an arduino, and a 4:1 reductor. As you said the real magic is in the code. I think @Jimustanguitar should make it for us and then we can all download the STL files, buy the parts and print them. :slight_smile:


That would be very nice :slight_smile: but the code will be very time consuming :sweat: !


I just bought Pallet+ that make by Mosaic . Luckily it was a promotion on it product at US$650. It can print 4 colors. I’ve been watching on the device and got when the price dropping from US$800 to $650. I’ll share my first 2 color frog when it’s done. However, Flux is keeping on working…


It’s working right out of a box…


Looks very nice!
Is that the purge tower behind it? How much material is in that vs the print itself?


wow it came out very good the print. Just a question that cube that is near the frog, is the purge cube of the filament?


Yes, it’s a purge block.


This is impressive!!