More printing and chocolate heads! come on, who's with me?


now that Flux has matured and improved alot, i want triple/dual extrusion and chocolate heads!

also the slapping toolhead… hehe :wink:

  • dual/triple extrusion:
  • no change:
  • chocolate extruders:
  • more! :
  • option 1, 3 and 4:

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also the slapping toolhead… hehe :wink:


You know… There’s a plug labeled for a second extruder up on top of the machine… If there’s a way to make it work, throw a y adapter on the bowden tubes, and you’d be in business without having to change the hotend.

Sorry in advance if this hijacks the thread :slight_smile:


it’s fine! we only want dual extrusion right? i mean flux doesn’t have to make it :wink:


also, did you try it
? and are you supposed to use the [quote=“Jimustanguitar, post:2, topic:2721”]
plug labeled for a second extruder up on top of the machine



This is something that looks no “Too difficult” to perform…
I mean, the flux software already have “Stop on this specific layer”.
Why not use this function to activate any specific output to run a second motor/feeder??
The “Y Connector” that @Jimustanguitar mention could be pretty close to the extruder and make the inlet hole of the extruder a litter bigger (if necessary).

The only issue here, cold be a mix of color in the first printed layer after the 2nd motor is activated (in order to fill the 2nd material), but this can be a short part of the printed part (depending of how far the Y connector is in relation with the extruder’s tip).
Also, this can be fixed by indexing some material before start to print again the piece.
Or… make a little line the one that the FluxDelta make sometimes when start a new printing on it.