Model design issues

So… Printing my own CAD design. Need some pointers from old pros.

I printed a design from Sketchup Warehouse. I modified it quite a bit for 3D printing. Mainly the hinge portion for the swinging cover to connect to the main body. That part worked! But the problems are:

1- The hollow cup of the cover looks right on the Studio screen but prints solid with the cup filled.

2- the walls are thinner than set in Studio to the point that the top has holes and the bottom broke loose when removing the raft.

3- the overhang was supported but still some portions of the overhang did not print very smoothly.


Look for stray lines in the sketchup model. If there’s an open hole, or a plane hanging into the air, the slicer will try to close the model, and that might be what happened to the cups in the hinge.

Did you run it through NetFabb to clean the model before printing it? I wonder if it would find any errors…

The cups in the hinge came out great. It’s the open area (square cup) of the cover that filled up. I have a lot of experience with Sketchup for designing models that are unfolded into sheets for paper or sheet metal. Not so much for 3D printing. I am pretty sure of no lines but not so sure of true closed shapes. I would run into those in unfolding so I know what you mean. I will look closely now. Never had netfabb but an downloadi it now. Thanks!

Downloaded it… it found the errors in the model and fixed them… now my FLUX Delta won’t start again… 80 reboots now and no joy.

Just got my new printer in the mail! But now too busy to use it until Monday. :frowning: