Mobile App / Flux Cloud - Server Busy


I just loaded up the mobile app for iOS to give it a spin as my Flux is currently hard at work… and was saddened ( :cry: ) to be created with a Server Busy message. Thinking it was just the Apple :apple: version playing up, I went over to the Android :robot: version, and encountered exactly the same problem - app not loading with a ‘Alert - Server Busy’ message… and I also can’t sign in on Flux Studio… So I take it the hamsters have taken the day off or gone on strike? :laughing:


google had the same problem with pokemon go when they launched the game so give Flux the time to install more servers.


I’m seeing the same problem.


Don’t you mean Niantic / Nintendo? Or was it something to do with the location services / maps?

No… I won’t give them time… I am a completely unreasonable user… and insist that all the hamsters get back in their wheels and start running again! :laughing: :laughing:

Just though it odd as it didn’t seem to be time related… I tried a few times a few hours apart so it didn’t appear to be load related… so was wondering if somebody broke the server! :open_mouth:


Nintendo had nothing to do with pokémon go and Niantic belongs to Google.

If the servers are done because of an overload it takes a few hours to get them back up and a few weeks to add some more servers to solve the real problem.


It’s back online now


Is anyone else still having this problem? It was working fine until 6 hrs ago…


It’s working for me right this minute… so I’m afraid I can’t confirm! :open_mouth:

55% into a print, is visible in app on iPod Touch, and camera feed is also working…


Appears to be working for me as well (well in so much as I can do right now…my printer is sitting at the sorting facility approximately a 7 minute drive from my office giving me an aneurysm while I wait for the notification that it is “out for delivery”). But the app loads. No errors!