Metal Print - Copper

Copper based PLA from ColorFob. The model is only 13mm :slightly_smiling: Temp 190 deg. Med quality no support


According to ColorFabb’s page about copperfill:

“*Testing showed reliable results using the all metal hot-ends, such as the E3D and the Makerbot Replicator 2 hotend. Hotends which use a teflon isolator coupler can generate adhesion to the copper filament possibly leading to clogs and is there for not recommended for novice users yet.”

That’s very cool, man, but I’d recommend caution to most users. There is also the reports I’ve read that say metal-based filaments cause a lot of friction and wear to the nozzle and can lead to widening of the nozzle hole and loss of precision. I’m not telling you not to go for it, but just want to make sure everyone knows the risks here. Cheers!

Good Point Nate… I should’ve been more clear about the usage. The filament is very abrasive, for this reasons I bought two print heads (one for normal plan printing and one for abrasive metal / wood).

I used the blue painters tape no glue and it sticks to it perfectly. Caution, the filament melts very fast so keep the temperature low and printing speed to about 40mms. (at least my setting)

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Does the Flux Delta use “standard” print nozzles? You purchased two complete print heads? Nozzle, hot end, fans, the whole shebang? If there is a standard print nozzle that fits, how does one ensure the correct specifications?

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Its exactly the same head that ships with the printer. I figured keep one clean for pla and one for experimental filaments.

You did read where it says using anything other than the FLUX branded PLA will result in voiding the 3 month warrantee?

Ahhh so you have a backup print head. I see that point in your case.

I am just wondering how much the 3 month warrantee means to most users here?

Three months is basically nothing. If the machine is operating when you receive it, it’ll almost certainly outlast a 3 month waranty, so I don’t consider it a factor in my decisions.