Meshlab filter 'Surface Reconstruction: Poisson' missing in latest version.. what do we use now?


So, this is my first time trying to get a serious scan. Going thru the guide on the site though, on step 6, we’re supposed to use the ‘Surface Reconstruction: Poisson’ filter in Meshlab… except that filter doesn’t seem to exist anymore.

Is there an alternate filter or… maybe it’s just been renamed?

Thanks for any help.


Nevermind… sort of. I guess I was looking at an older version of the guide, and then somehow linked to the latest one which notes the filter change. However… the options are totally different in the new ‘Screened Poisson Surface Reconstruction’ filter and not sure what will work best. But I guess I’ll play with it.


Not really getting anywhere… my scans are looking good but once I do the surface reconstruction, converting the points to a mesh, they’re looking all crazy.

At least I have a rough guide to recreate from scratch though… I guess. Expected better out of this.


I found the Poisson under - Filters: Remeshing, Simplification and Reconstruction: Screened Poisson Surface Reconstruction