Melted air hose on Flux Beamo

Hi all. Pretty new to laser cutting, I bought my Flux Beamo about a year ago. I somehow managed to melt a hole in the air hose, I think left the hose in the path of they laser when I re-attached the laser head, oof. I’m getting flames and not able to cut through my material, I assume it’s not getting air assist.

Has this happened to anyone? Does anyone know how to replace the tube? Is it a very bad idea to use electrical tape to patch the hole? Any tips appreciated!

I got a hole in my hose too. I don’t know how but I just put duct tape on it. after putting on the tape, I collapsed that section (you know, press together and shorten the hose so the ridges touch) and taped it again. It’s fine, but could be better.

You can buy new ones from Flux direct FLUX | 160cm Vent Hose , a partner FLUX | Craft Your Imagination , or hardware stores/Amazon/etc. “Vent hose” is a common name you’d find them under. The specs of the hose that comes with it are:

  • Side that connects to the machine: 120mm
  • Side to vent outside: 100 mm
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Thank you, really appreciate your response and the links!

I actually burnt the smaller black tube that attaches to the laser head and connects to the airpump - attaching a picture for more clarity.

I just chatted with someone from Ultimate 3D Printing Store (where I bought my laser) and they said to try taping the hole. If anyone else has experience replacing this tube though, would love to hear about it!

Oh! My mistake. That’s a horse of a different colour.

I don’t have experience with repairing that part, but as it’s just an air hose, a bit of electrical tape should make a good temporary patch.

I might recommend raising a ticket with Flux directly . I see there are loads of instructions on their support page for changing parts that aren’t available on the store. Maybe, just maybe, this is a part they can send. I doubt it’s a warranty repair if they can, though.

Thanks so much! I tried the electrical tape today and so far, so good! Keeping my fingers crossed that it holds up. Otherwise I’ll try contacting Flux (but from what I can see, it would not be fun to try to replace it myself :grimacing:)

Thanks again for your response and suggestions!

I had same problem; adhesive on plexiglass simply burned hot and burned through my plastic air hose. Search Amazon or source of supply for:
“ TAILONZ PNEUMATIC 1/4 Inch od Push to Connect Fittings Pneumatic Fittings Kit”
The have hard plastic/fiber staight and 90 degree quick disconnect fittings that you can use with very short pieces of the original or new hose to go from the lense cover fitting back up to the fitting through which the air hose is guided… making it a solid piece that does not burn. I used the hard plastic… they also have solid metal/steel if you’re concerned with additional potential to burn through. I’ve had not problem and went with the hard plastic for weight considerations. I ended up connecting the connectors using about 5/8” pieces of the hose that were then fully encapsulated between any two fittings… you may have to fuss with yours to get the right length.
Cheers, Jim