Material Build Estimate (flux studio)? 1KG - FLUX PLA spools?


Is this a difficult thing to put in?

I have had at least 4 prints become unusable due to filament out.

I also have the issue that I have locked open the filament sensor due to the feeding issue.

So the printer will not automatically stop after it runs out of filament, which I assume is a bad thing to have it running for hours without filament in the extruder.

The last print I was running had an estimate of 36 hours, I came into the studio this morning at it was still running which means it was over 45 hours printing. I am guessing it had only been out of filament for a couple hours maybe less.

Clear, grade spools from FLUX? 1KG spools from FLUX?


Moved this thread to the feature request sub. I second the request, it’d be great to know the volume, weight, and length of filament that each print will use. This should actually be relatively easy to determine from the GCode. Weight will be the one that varies between filaments, but the estimates would still probably be within 5% or so.

In the meantime, you can use other slicers to estimate how much filament you’ll be using. Weigh an empty FLUX spool, and then you’ll know your tare weight to gauge a partial spool.