March update #2 filament source

Hello, since many have asked where we purchased the filament we used in March Update #2, I decided to share our source with you.

  1. Wood PLA
    The foam one is PolyWood from PolyMakr
    The real wood one is EasyWood from FormFutura

  2. Metal PLA
    Sample provided by 3delement

  3. Luminous PLA
    Sample provided by 3delement

  4. Photochromic PLA
    Sample provided by Golden Dolphin

  5. Thermochromic PLA
    The red one is sample provided by 3delement
    The black one is Thermochrome EcoPLA filament from FormFutura

  6. Nylon
    Nylon 645 from Taulman 3D

  7. Extra strength PLA
    PolyMax from PolyMakr

  8. Flexible PLA
    SemiFlex from Fenner Drives

  9. ABS
    ABS from Botfeeder

Some of the filament is sample provided by manufacturers during TCT Asia, and they are not sold publicly. But you can find most of the filament mentioned above from a great website Maker Geeks, they who various filaments. However, we haven’t try all of them, so we cannot guarantee they have the same quality as filaments we tested.

We already purchased conductive, carbon fiber and magnetic PLA from proto-pasta but they haven’t arrived since conductive PLA is still in production. We also plan to try PLA, PP filament and more. We will keep trying different filaments for you, please tell us what you would like to see in the future!

Hope you like this update, and if you have any suggestions,you can reply here or at Kickstarter, thank you so much.



one day i saw a new filament maybe you guys can find it some where and test it. it is a black filament but the fun and practical part is: after you print a layer with the filament and print again with a laser on the layer. The plastic turns into coper. so imagine what the possibilities are( ugh ugh 3D circuits…) :smiley:

Adafruit did a video update on some of the filaments available through them.
As always they had a discount code. This week discount code is “SYRINGE”. It’s valid on their store until just before 11:59 EST 2/4/15.

What caught my eye was that another 3D printer manufacturer (Type A Machines) made material profiles for the materials tested/ can be used in their printer (Series 1). It highlights the characteristics of the material, any issues/ concerns/ recommendations to keep in mind when printing, as well as a Cura slicer profile. I think you guys should do something similar for the Flux. If i remember correctly, you guys are developing your own slicer. Preset filament profiles would be appreciated as it takes most of the guess work out and allows us to go straight into fine tuning. This means less waste/ failed prints for everyone right out of the box :slight_smile:
If you plan on following what Type A has done, I suggest you include something similar like a brief description of the material, what it is commonly used for, the manufacturer, where you can buy it, pros/ cons, limitations, MSDS, and any technical details available (tensile strength, young’s modulus, etc.)

ABS Specification

melting temperature: 200°C (392°F)
Tensile Strength: 28.5MPa (Available Range : 25-50MPa)
Elongation at Break : 3-75%
Standard tolerance : 0.1% with a minimum of ± 200 µ
Standard Tolerance: +/-0.05mm
Layer Thickness : (1mm-2.5mm)wall thickness & Depth(0.3mm-0.5mm)
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