Manually upload prints over wifi?

I’m trying to automate a workflow with Simplify3D. Has anyone figured out how to upload prints to the printer via wifi without Flux Studio?

So far I’ve identified ports 1901, 23811, and 23812 as being open but was unable to readily identify the services running on those ports. Dissecting the firmware didn’t have any obvious clues either.

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Never tried it, but Flux Studio converts gcode into ‘fcode’ before it can be printed.
There is a command line tool that can do that for you, check out

Also, a few years ago I made a Docker image with the whole Flux SDK pre-installed, to give others an easy starting point for doing such things:

Hope this helps!


Excellent, thanks! I’ll dig into that.

I had intended to trying to do something with fluxclient ( but there was mention at the time that there was a tool being developed inhouse to allow exactly that - i.e. selecting a gcode file, doing the necessary gcode to fcode conversion, and uploading it to the Delta - for easier integration with say Simplify3D, so I didn’t bother. Might have to look at that again, and the docker image since I didn’t know about that!. Thanks for that @moejetz!