Magnetic socket wear


After a year of use, I finally had a clogged nozzle (after stopping using the filament oiler for 1 month - for another topic) which has meant that I have taken apart the print head to clean the nozzle.
But I have discovered that all of my magnetic sockets on both the print head and the axis runners have worn through the chrome plating and have started scoring the balls. The chrome plating is flaking off and produces sharp edges that can be felt easily by running a finger nail around the edge for the socket.
Has anyone else got this problem? Has anyone else done anything about it?

I am holding the laser head and thinking of nicking the magnetic sockets off of that but I also need a set for the axis runners as well 'cause they’re all shagged.

Chrome failure of magnets

I would say hold off on the raping and pillaging from your other tool-head.

I am willing to bet that if we ask @proclaim & @simon to get replacement ring magnets in the store, as well as replacement connecting rods (which it looks like you need), that would not be very much to ask for.

So far (knock wood) my ring mags look ok, but I am starting to see just a hint of wear on the connecting rods too.

I’m also starting to see more of my lubricant on the carriage rods turning black faster, so I am starting to wonder about the state of my linear bearings. That black stuff has to come from somewhere.

I think the store really needs a Mechanical Parts section. I know I would like to replace the carriage rods and linear bearings with hardened steel and better bearings, and others have mentioned it as well. The magnets and connecting rods are definitely another item that will eventually need replacements too.


Well I have asked support for the rings but I’ve had no reply yet. So I have raided the laser head for the rings needed for the print head and I have smoothed the axis rings with sand paper. I am back up and printing again. One good thing is that my calibration issue where I have had to use a -.15 Z offset is now gone. That could be something to do with the latest software versions but I like to think it is my newly smoothed rings. Hopefully the rings do not wear down too quickly with their chrome coating gone.

Here’s a tip for anyone else with this problem. After sanding there are alot of metal bits left stuck to the magnets. Use Blu tack to remove the metal bits.

I’ve also cleaned out my clogged nozzle which did not seem to be very clogged. I did spend an hour heating the head up and down trying to do a successful “cold pull” and only managed it properly once but I can’t say I saw any real dirt being lifted. Looked mainly to be a black carbon build up in the plastic inner sleeve which was making it difficult to push the filament through that bit. Pushing filament back and forth through it when it was hot with the nozzle removed seemed to free it up a bit. I’ll give it some harsher treatment if it clogs up again. In the meantime, I’ve gone back to using the filament oiler as I never had any clogging problems before I stopped using it.


Wow, I hope I don’t have the wear I saw in your pictures. So far, after about 10 Kg of material, the magnets and the balls look good to the naked eye. Now, I may have a different batch of the original Flux since I received printer sometime in April 2016. Also, I always make sure they are well lubricated with monthly cleanings. I hope Flux store puts some spare rods and magnets online, like any moving parts, I expect mine will wear out also with time.

As for cold pull, I just did it one as I was cleaning the printhead today and like you, I did not notice any dirt build-up after 1 year of operation, even though I use different manufacturer’s PLA & PETG (1/2 roll) materials.


I think eventually, we’re all going to need them.

I’ve got a support ticket in too, but they are probably off for the weekend.


magnetic rod and magnet are wear and tear parts, so if you need them, just put in your support tickets.

just like most of you, I really hate getting my hands dirty when I change toolhead. we’re currently trying this:

make sure you pray them above a cardboard else your floor will be very slippery (we lubricate once a week if you print them daily)