Magnetic Build Surface Longevity


I’m happy to report that the Peopoly sheet that I installed is holding up very nicely. I can see a couple little tiny dinks in it from where the nozzle touches for the FSR calibration, but there’s absolutely no damage to the surface related to printing. I’ve printed a couple dozen little things on the surface, and it’s holding up quite nicely.


I might be having to use your Peopoly/buildtak method soon. My original flux one has just chipped a triangle out of the middle. I came on here to look at the to buy a new one and the website is closed as well as the site. :anguished:


They are probably having issues, I was on the site this morning with no issues.


Well that’s good to know. Thanks pmbroth.


Might be related to whatever killed the forums over the weekend. Maybe they are just cleaning up / fixing / doing maintenance on the entire domain.

More on topic: I FINALLY divetted out a small spot in the middle of the magnetic plate that came with the Delta+ (it’s maybe…MAYBE…a mm diameter divet) that came up when I was removing a multi part print that I had piecemealed together to fill up the bed diameter so I wasn’t printing a bunch of small parts separately.

It was also print 42 on my spreadsheet and about the 10th or so print using Push Plastic Filament instead of Flux Filament (the 3d Cafe here sells Push and the advantage of walking in and buying it off a shelf outweighed…everything else at that point because I had a project I wanted to print sooner than shipping time would have been convenient for). So I feel like I got pretty decent mileage on the thing. It’s still definitely useable at this point, we’ll see how long it continues.

My partner and I have been discussing ordering a few things from the store in the near future. I want to do some messing around with the toolhead but for the sake of partner’s sanity we decided it may be wise to order an “extra” for me to frankenstein…he let’s me have exactly “this much” fun before he reels me back into reality - and if I’m going to deal with DHL shipping to Canada I may as well order enough to make it worth the hassle so I may order a couple more plates as backups…or use Jim’s Buildtak method…or both…and still looking at getting a glass plate both “just in case” and to see which I like better (and I can get it from the same place in Canada as the Buildtak…yay no DHL).

I like options…


There’s a BOGO sale on replacement magnetic print surfaces on the Flux website right now. Getting a free $16 print mat offsets the shipping quite nicely if you needed to order anything else…


Where do you see this BOGO offer? I just got an email from support letting me know that the filament sensor was back in stock and thought I would take advantage of this while ordering that part. I don’t see it anywhere.


Maybe the deal is over… There was a banner at the top of the page when I placed my order - now it’s not there. Maybe it was a Black Friday or Cyber Monday deal?


That’s too bad, would have been a nice way to offset the incredible high shipping costs. Oh well.


Has anyone found a good replacement for these magnetic build plates yet? I mean, it’s been two years, somebody must have found something! I’ve just destroyed the last Flux one I bought.


I have found that I can extend the life of the magnetic build plate by rotating and moving it a few mm off center between builds so the calibration touchdown points are not always in the same place.

Also, move the model away from the default import location, or rotate it, to avoid always printing in the same Central spot on the build plate.

Dave Casler


I used this:


If your print sticks well at all the thin surface they have on there tears up. It is held on with an adhesive sheet that has a thin layer of some kind of tissue paper sandwiched between the two sides and that paper layer tears easily. You cannot pull up at all or you will tear the paper layer and strech the super thin print surface and once you have done that it just a matter of time before its not usable.

What you can do instead is to remove the cheap surface on the magnet and all the adhesive with alcohol and stick a better one to the magnet. I used a Peopoly build surface on it over a year ago but I am not sure they are available anymore. It was much thicker than what I took off and the adhesive was directly applied. I am still using the same one when I can get it to extrude properly. There are a number of other reputable cold adhesion surfaces you can stick on the cleaned magnet. You will have to pay $10+ for them but they should last a lot longer.

Don’t forget to adjust your Z offset after upgrading.