Magnetic Build Surface Longevity


Exactly why I’ve been switching back and forth, depending on print quality that I need.


Mine too. Seems to really like to drive the first autolevel position down hard melting the mat a little then very lightly it touches the other three points. I think it affected my prints.

I’m going to try and rotate the mat a few degrees after each print.


oh you should really read my comment [quote=“aw1, post:17, topic:2558, full:true”]
I never got any bubbles, maybe your’s was defected, but… you don’t want to even look at my mat! prints took pieces of the top part off the mat and now I have a huge triangle, and i have dents of every print I ever did after I got that hole because it couldn’t calibrate the z-axis properly due to the part which got torn off(from the middle(so then I started the nerve cutting quest of finding the z offset in the expert settings, then just find out it was at the very end of the settings! thenI had to find the right value but then I thought it would be fun to make crazy first layers so I did that forever then I went back to 0.7mm offset!)). and I have a thousand holes every square CM because the tool head shot 230 degrees of heat onto the mat which made it look like ugly melted chocolate because I had the rods popping out randomly! but then the problem just went away, and that marked the end of the HolesInPrintMatic ERA! but then it came back for 5 prints then never showed it’s face on the print mat ever again! and then I started the journey of asking flux support through email for a print mat($16) and they tell me that their PayPal is being reviewed since the 19th of April and I continue the long awaited wait for a reply… and so the journey continues.

I think I over exaggerated that toooo much(the mat is still ugly).

oh and i got the mat BTW even that thing has marks of prints on it, but no holes… yet…


Maybe when the mat is damaged we just need to glue a new buildtak surface on it to have it like new again :slight_smile:


was thinking that but I did not try yet to get the old one off


Mine’s… actually falling apart. The middle has a chunk that came out adhered to a piece I printed (regular old PLA, from Hatchbox). It keeps trying to pull more out with it when I print over it, so I’ve stopped and gone back to the metal plate + glue stick until the replacement I ordered comes in.


Yeah my magnetic plate has fallen apart as well, I really like the idea of not having to use glue stick and the easy removal of prints, but my magnetic plate only lasted about 15 prints and now I have to throw it away…


Folks, keep posting in this thread, and add photos and specific stats if possible. When you got the machine or the plate if it was upgrade kit, etc.

Kind of seems like maybe some QC issues or a bad batch or something.


oooh, just wait, u aint wanna see my print mat!


Actually, I do.

More importantly, there are several engineers at FLUX that want to see what is going on. Pictures help them tremendously. Only a few of them post in here, but they are all looking. Any information we can share gets shared with the whole team.


this is before and after, i think you can tell which one is new…


I definitely can :slight_smile:

A few tips:

  1. When the first layer is sticking really hard like that and leaving that powdery/sticky kind of baked in mess on the pad, try increasing z-offset in expert settings to 0.01 or 0.02. Remember in Cura2 it is in there twice, at the bottom and about 9 lines up from there. With Slic3r and Cura, there is only one place to change. Same thing if you are using Simplify3D. What is happening is the nozzle is too close and the first layer is getting smooshed in and the burned in by the residual heat from the proximity of the nozzle.

  2. I found that the pad cleans up quite nicely with just a plastic bristle brush (like a kitchen scrub brush or a stiff toothbrush) and then a wipe down with just a VERY small amount of isopropyl alcohol to remove dust. About the amount in those eyeglass cleaning wipes, actually those work great if you have them, if not, a SMALL amount is the key. Just moist enough to remove the particulates and dust, not actually get it wet. After that it will look and perform just like new again and again.

  3. Your metal plate is actually upside down for printing :blush: The grid side is for laser engraving & drawing toolhead for alignments. The other side is for printing, flip it over and don’t forget to line up the little hole on the right side. I know you are printing on the mag plate, but if you get in the habit of having it in the right orientation you can switch to other materials like PETG or TPU where you may want to print on metal faster by just pulling the mag plate and slapping down some glue if you plate is already right side up. :wink:

  4. I always enjoy seeing all the different FLUX Delta homes. Yours must be happy with the sweet curtains :slight_smile:

  1. thanks, i dialed on that after i archived the molten print mat. will try it tmmrw


ok that’s it! my print mat is starting to follow the footsteps of his big brother… i need flux to make a HARDCORE version of this mat, or not attach paper on top! or make teh mat cheaper if its gonna die in a few days.

I only have 1 tear a couple of marks and some grayed out outlines.
the forum is telling me to let others join the conversation since iv’e posted more than 21% of the replies here :slight_smile:


Got my new one (not replaced by Flux, just ordered a replacement) in. I’ll keep track of its longevity :slight_smile:


How’s it going, any luck?

I found a similar looking material that I’m going to replace my original magnetic mat with. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to peel the print surface off of the magnet or not, but if it works, I’ll let you know how the upgrade process works.


Thanks for the info Jim, I ordered a pair as spare. As for magnetic base, I will try glueing them to recently purchased “Gloss white magnet sheets” for inkjet printers (from but Office Depot in US should carry similar item), they are thin but hold very well on the steel plate.


ha, cool! I was emailing flux for their print mats, and the told me the print mat should have lasted way longer than mine did, I had 2 print mats one was the one i didn’t treat really nicely but not harshly, and the second one was the one which i treated really good but… it still tore, so they gave me coupon for a free mat.


I still like a glass that’s forever lasting after trying on a few other materials.


I loved mine for the 3 prints that it worked on until this happened. Turns out, that if your print is thin and just flexes with the mat as you try to remove it, it can pull off the layer of mat from the magnet. I was printing a thin plate for a model, about 10 layers thick. So now the fine young people at FLEX INC have helped me with a voucher for a new one… and I ordered three more so I have replacements. I love it when it works… I’ll use glue on my spare metal or glass bases when I need a thin part.