Mac OS X Wifi connection stopped working!


Until yesterday, I could connect from my Macbook OSX 10.10.5 with WiFi to FLUX in client mode at (I have Airport Extreme as WiFi router). Today, Flux Studio 0.3.0 does not see the Wifi signal. I scanned my LAN and I can see the RPi of FLUX at, but Flux Studio on my MacBook does not see it. I uninstalled and reinstalled many times, still the same. FLUX shows steady green wifi led.
Now, on my HP Windows10 laptop, I can run FSv0.3.0 and connect to the same FLUX machine without a problem. FSv0.3.0 connects as soon as it is launched.
Can anybody suggest me what to do next? I even installed FSv0.26 but has the same problem. FS is asking me to connect the USB cable but the software stalls once it is in local WiFi search mode, it cannot find the signal for some reason, while the Windows10 next to it has no issue. It is a FS software issue in the Mac version and in the wifi CLIENT Mode, which started suddenly this morning.
@Simon, Help!


My printer arrived yesterday and I have never been able to connect to it.

Was there a mac software update recently? I see the last El Capitan update as being March 22

Can you connect through the mini USB with a mac? I can’t


I can connect with the mini-usb after entering FLUX password , FS starts looking for the local Wifi but cannot find it. Did you install the CP2104 Driver for the USB port? If you go to System Information in About This Mac do you see it when the mini-usb is connected to FLUX?
If you don’t see it, (in Red), then the USB Driver was not installed properly.



That explained it well. I am connected now.

I made the flux the base station.



I solved the MacBook OSX WiFi Connection problem to my FLUX and before I forget how I did it, I am writing this for others who may have the same issue I described previously. Since FSv0.3.0 could not find my WiFi LAN, went back and started FS and chose the option “Start Designing I don’t have a machine yet”. I went to Add a Device menu which shows up then I noticed FS suddenly found the local wifi and my FLUX at It looks like for some reason Flux Studio was stuck at some funny state after I switched it of yesterday, which prevented it from finding the local wifi signal today. Going back and choosing “I don’t have a machine yet” somehow cleared the BUG and FS automatically found my machine. Now I can go to bed, it is 1AM local time, spent 5 hours on this issue!


Can you connect to macs to the same printer?

I have the macbook pro connected but can’t get the flux studio to find the printer on the mac pro, I see the wifi network (printer is the base station)

Security setting on the macbook is set to NONE is the password stored in the keychain?


I did not try a second Mac but I did connect a Windows Laptop to the same machine. Now, I did not try to start a job on the Mac then switch to the Windows, that may not be possible, but again I am not sure. You should be able to use one Mac for one job and another Mac for a second job, one after the other. In each case you have to enter the Password, I don’t think FS is advanced enough to save passwords to the Keychain.


I can confirm that I have, at some point last month, started a print via my Macbook over WiFi, and then been able to see the status of the job on my Windows desktop PC later during the same print. I’ve not downloaded or tried the latest Flux Studio, so I’m still running the 0.3.0, I believe. Just thought I’d add my experience to the discussion.