Lubrication reminder / meter


We’re supposed to clean and lubricate the magnetic ball rods every 30 hours of printing time. I try to estimate that but mostly just deal with it when it looks black and goopy

I’d like to see an on-screen estimate in FS that shows when we should think about cleaning and lubrication.


Hour Meter is a fantastic idea!

Flux Studio would be a great way to keep a total time count as well as a running count for maintenance.

Right now, I track it all manually on a spreadsheet with the filename of the STL, date, color, print time, and any notes on settings used. It sure would be nice to have some of that taken care of by FS, since it should know print time, although I don’t know if the machine itself has a register in the code for tracking time.

The other quirk that really bugs me is that the Load/Unload window closes by itself EVERY time I complete one or the other. Now if I just loaded filament, that’s fine. But if I unloaded, obviously I am going to re-load and that window closing by itself is becoming very annoying.


Keeping a log that lists your print times would be a decent way to track this manually. I know that many other people will keep a journal with what settings they tweak and how the prints turn out, it turns into an encyclopedia for print settings after a while. It’s also a decent way to record your filament usage.

But back on topic, the FLUX is the only machine I have that doesn’t count printing hours in the EEPROM, or at least it’s not user facing/accessible as far as I know. +1 for the feature request.

FLUX studio could even keep a record of this if it wasn’t built into the firmware. Then it could pop up messages about what to maintain at what mileage, just like the oil change light on a car.


HI, I suggested this 4 release ago, they said they would add it on…


Yes I remember when this was suggested long time ago, but they haven’t added. I hope will be added soon


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I had the same problem and so I decided to implement a lubrication meter! Check it out: I built a running hours monitoring tool!