Lubricating Stickers? Solved, for spool friction

What are these little 3M stickers for? I can’t figure it out.

Not sure. I didn’t get these with my version a few days ago. I just got a little tub of “metal lubricant”.

Hmm, I didn’t even notice, but I have them too. Perhaps for inside the spool compartment. I saw somewhere here that somebody had put a piece of aluminum tape inside the compartment where the spool was rubbing a bit. I think the Flux guys are gonna have to answer this one. It appears as though it was a last minute thought to be stuck on the outside of the box like that.

If it’s what I think it is… It’s a sticker that should go inside the housing for the filament reel on top. The reel rubs against the side of the housing wall and create friction. I was an early user and had no stickers. After a short time we saw drag from friction. They told me that I needed these stickers and would send some. Until then I used aluminum tape and it worked fine.



That looks right. The same kind of stickers are already underneath the spool on mine, so I think you nailed it.

A note to those who’ll be installing these little stickers… Run a print without them first, and then you’ll be able to put them in the exact right place by finding the little tiny rub spots.

For those who recycled their boxes with these little tabs still on them, does any body have a source on where to get them? They’re little 4mm x 13mm adhesive plastic rectangles on a 3M backer.

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My printer came with teflon stickers still installed. I suspect yours did too if there isn’t a patch taped to the outside of the box like the OP’s picture. There should be two small black rectangle pads on the walls 45º on either side of the filament inlet and three or four more semi-circle strips on the bottom to reduce weight friction. They are black and blend in with the housing, so you may need a flashlight to see them.

There is plenty of extra room in the basket, and I’m a belt and suspenders kind of guy, so I stuck some replacement super slippery mouse feet for a gaming mouse on the contact points inside the spool basket. Now it slides even better than before!

You can get similar feet here:

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