Logging me in to a random persons account. Flux mobile app


On my android phone when I go into the flux mobile app some times it will log me into this random guy (golden snake). It is 100% not me and I think this is a big privacy problem. I have full access to the account camera, setting, etc. I have not abusing this fyi, I always logoff of the account.


@goldensnake maybe this is interesting for you


It’s me @gabeart10. The account should be with your email, don’t you think? Do you try to log out and try to log in again? Definitely Flux user login database has mixed up. I’m just a normal Flux user like you :slight_smile:


Apologize for the confusion.

We’ve found the issued caused by a mix-inserted record without email to the database. In this case, people have expired session will likely log into a ghost account ( with null email record ), and after if someone changes the nickname of the ghost account, others logged into this ghost account will see the changed name as well.

To solve this issue, we’ve deleted the null email account and specifically filtered out this situation from the SQL query.


Damn… missed an opportunity to see the prints the Pro has been working on! :stuck_out_tongue:

@Simon… thanks for fixing that, and also releasing a new iOS beta app. btw, I’m getting the index.html / Server busy messages again, so something must have fallen over again.


I have a same message like @pfeerick


@proclaim How do we get the iOS beta app?

I never received the invitation from TestFlight.


@proclaim Beta 1.0.9 fixed the Server busy messages for me… I was able to login without any issue. Thanks! Hopefully it will be the same for @goldensnake

@BoozeKashi : Did you join the testflight program by submitting your Apple ID via the link provided on the FLUX Studio 0.6.0 Change log page?


Yes, submitted Apple ID email via that link about 10 times now. Nothing ever happens.


sorry for the trouble, please send me your private message along with your info, I’ll get this done for you