LED Light Bars to illuminate the bed

Hey I just published these that I made on Thingiverse. My house is not well lit so I needed some extra light on my Printbed. I printed them using a .2 nozzle, but I think it will print with the stock one just fine. Had a little cleanup afterwards but not to bad. I used 3 sections of 8mm LED strip tape running on 12v. Thought about running it off of the 5v usb on the printer but didn’t want to mess anything up.

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Don’t they get in the way of printing?

they are too far down, if you try and put the print head down to the palte you will have like 10 cm of free space.

ok, thanks… I just bought a little desk lamp from Amazon for this purpose, these would be better.

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I use this type connected to the USB port of FLUX, cons only 1 side illumination and draws 200mA. http://www.ebay.ca/itm/10-LED-USB-Portable-Light-maximum-illumination-for-Laptop-Notebook-PC-SUHO-/221809050876?hash=item33a4d984fc:g:KCsAAOSwDNdVilYu
There are others but not sure of their current draw, I think 200mA should not tax the FLUX power budget.

I’ve been using one that I received with my GoalZero battery. It’s been working great for me.

The Finished product!