Laywood Test Prints


Here are some pictures of my first Testprints with the Laywood Filament, which should looks like wood. I printed it in different temperatures for seeing the colour differences. From the left to the Right: 190° 200° 220°


isn’t that what they call a rough filament? Would that cause damage to the nozzle (in time)? If so, is there a different nozzle type that can handle rough filaments (wood, glow in the dark, etc.)…forgot, correct me if I am wrong?

Other than that…WOW…I was wondering about different types of filaments and wood was one of them, is that the only prints you have done with that filament?

The temperature change isn’t noticeable…at least not with my 1 bad eye :slight_smile:


I guess it is a bit abrasive and will destroy the nozzle by the time, but i buyed exactly for this use a spare nozzle in my local 3d Printer Shop. For the standard PLA, i will use the original nozzle which is came with the Flux. But also in the same Shop, i saw some special nozzle with hardened steel or different coatings for use with the abrasive Materials.

Yes, i’ve made only this prints with the laywood today, as it was just a test of the spare nozzle and the filament. But i guess, i will make other things with this filament, it looks very special.

And as you said already, also with 2 good eyes and not just on foto, you can’t see any difference in the colour :slight_smile: maybe i have to heat more for a darker taste?


This is my last laywood print from yesterday. It came out very well, im very happy about it :slightly_smiling:


Now I know where you hide your money. That looks great. how long did it take to make?


Just 4 hours i think, but i made a little mistake in the speed settings which made it a bit slower than necessary. I think, it should be possible in about 3 or 3 a half hours. But i scaled the original file a little down for matching on the buildplate


Can’t you use wood stain on that material? I’d love to see how that would turn out.


As i dont have anything like wood stain, i cant try this. But maybe im not the only one, who uses the laywood filaments?

About to print with Wood PLA

Every hardware store is likely to have wood stains in many different colors and intensity. is full of information about how to use stains and such. There’s other brands of course. I’ve used minwax for years with no problems. I especially like their polyurethane product, both glossy and satin {flat, not shiny}. Really protects things like your chest (nice project!). the stains also come in small cans that are inexpensive (relatively). you can buy stains online.