Layer thickness per object!


i guess it would be cool if you could print objects of different layer thicknesses at the same time (cool for comparisons)!


How would that work? The printer wouldn’t be able to move vertically in an even fashion from layer to layer. Have you seen this on any other kind of printer? I only have experience with my FLUX and a MakerBot Rep 5 so I really don’t know. What would you be looking to test that couldn’t be done with sequential prints at different layer settings? Is it just to save time?


yes kind of… but for example it could make 6 layers of 50 microns and 1 layer of 300 microns… right? i guess it could be added with software updates.


Don’t fancy your chances… this isn’t a $149 package designed just for slicing! :open_mouth: Adding this would at minimum require FS to keep track of settings on a per object basis rather than for the whole print bed, and some rather intricate calculations to try and optimise movement between different objects since they are now at different heights. To software that came with another printer, Pango, has the concept of combined prints, but still won’t allow different settings for different objects. You might be able to do this with Simplify3D using processes, but I can’t say for sure. Have you noticed a theme here yet? :laughing:


yupp thats right, then get a better processor for the flux! with a upgrade kit! i7 7700k or a snapdragon 835 or a exynos 8995! naah just kidding :stuck_out_tongue: we can deal with waiting, kill this topic!


or use the pc processor! hehe…


I really appreciate the Flux team’s effort (and since I backed 4 printers on KS) I don’t want to disclose much of competitors information but there is a resin printer that does this. The resin DLP printer was on kickstarter as well.


lol… the pc processor is used to generate the list of instructions that the flux has to follow :stuck_out_tongue: And don’t kill this topic… it’s good to let the flux guys know what their users want! :wink:


nice! ill check it out :slight_smile: