Lasertube livetime


The CO2 laser tube will need to be replaced ‘within 3 years’ the people of Mr Beam reckon. So let me know, how long is the Beambox laser tube going to last.


I don’t have a direct answer. However, my CO2 tube went bad almost immediately after setting up the machine and then I had 2 bad and not obvious wire issues leading me to work with Flux a lot for 3+ months. I asked many questions and on the CO2 tube I learned:
Flux advises using a max power setting of 50%. It will work at any power setting you wish but at 50% (max) the tube appears to last its longest (for the same amount of cutting/engraving, just takes more passes). The 50% power point is the sweet spot between performance and longevity. And if one stays with the 50% rule, the tube should last 2 - 3 years of use (less if commercial; maybe more if used as a hobby). Above 50% power the laser “uses up” a gas in the tube and the higher the percentage use logrythmically the faster the tube will delete.