Laserhead not moving after update


When updated to Flux Studio 0.8.1 with firmware 1.6.58 and toolhead firmware 1.2.18 when starting a laserjob the head goes down and moves to a left upper position, the laser turns on and then it stays there with the laser on.
Before the update it was great.


does normal printing work? and did you check your speed?


I have not tested normal printing yet. Printspeed was on 6mm a second. But the estimated time to print was also strange. It gave 26 minutes for the print that would take over an hour before the update.


please try printing or another thing for that matter first and let’s see if it works, the timings are wrong all most all the time.
if it prints then it’s a bug in the laser department, and if it doesn’t then it might be a bug or burned motors, I’m using the same firmware but I haven’t tried laser engraving because flux is saying ‘’ it’s coming and you will receive a shipment notification when the shipment starts’’ they’ve been saying that since march 13th.


It’s not burned motors, because the movement from the head is normal. So my guess is that it’s a bug. But will try print tonight.


The bug was caused by laser outline, if you press the FLUX button, it’ll move to the next point. We’ve quickly released 0.8.2 to solve this issue. We’re sorry for the trouble.


Wow, thank you very much for the fast reply and solving of this problem!!
Big improvement in speed on the laserjobs, a laserjob that took over an hour now is finished in 26 minutes.

Big thumbs up for you guys :slight_smile: