Laser writing on cigars

My first attempt at laser writing on a cigar. I keep my cigars at 69 percent humidity but I set the laser to full power and 8mm/s travel speed. My image file was 30x5 mm and there is a lot of room to enlarge it but the resolution is impressive at such a small size. I would probably keep the same settings for the next time but with a larger image. The laser burned just the outer layer of the wrapper and won’t affect the way it smokes. Very very cool.


Brilliant! This would be great for pregnancy announcement cigars! Very cool idea and impressive results, thanks for sharing. Cheers :beers:

Larger and increased the speed to 8.5mm/s travel. I would actually kick it up to 9mm/s next time seeing how little it affected the depth.


Did you do anything special to prevent the cigar from rolling or moving on the bed?

Nope. Did get better results at 9mm/second though. Still very dark but less burn through the layer.