Laser Scanner Pole Wont stay down

I believe I was the first one to experience this issue. I wedged a scrap piece of raft material into the crack to wedge mine closed. I also put a piece of tape over the hole just in case. It hasn’t popped back up since, lol. I don’t think it’s any sort of fatigue though. I had never even popped it up before it did it on its own and wouldn’t stay down. It’s very frustrating that it doesn’t work, but I don’t feel it justifies getting sent all the way back to the manufacturer. In my opinion, the scanner function isn’t worth using anyways, so it doesn’t really bother me. It’s a bummer, but its a reality. I do hope this issue is addressed though.

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the pole constantly compressing the springs underneath, so the spring force is acting on the locking mechanism all the time if the pole stays locked, that’s why the fatigue.

Could be, but that doesn’t explain why the latching mechanism would give out. The spring obviously still works. It doesn’t really matter why it broke, the fact is this is now a reoccurring issue and will need to be addressed at some point it seems.

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I’ve seen it, the locking mechanism is exactly the same as the top cover’s for the filament spool, they’re quite fragile, now imagine such strong spring force constantly pulling them apart.

Fair enough, calm down. :yum:

I’ve just had this happen too. I’m using painters tape to keep the pole down and another piece on the plate just in case it let’s go. But mine still catches a little, enough to minimize the spring pressure in the lowered position.

Tape can be a temporarily fix, but you should send a RMA request to here:

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same happened to mine, nothing i can’t live with but hope this doesn’t happen to everybody because of the constant tension on the locking mechanism.

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Mine developed the same issue. Submitted an RMA and was told it would be 2 weeks before the part was shipped. They also sent me a “Scanner Laser Troubleshooting” PDF file, if I wanted to follow the first part of the instructions to remove the laser head.

Same issue here. Fixed it temporarily with tape.

I am told the team is working on a new latching system. News will come later.

I have the same issue here, thankful for the 3m blue tape…

I’ve got the same problem and submitted an RMA.
it started when I scraped the glue from the plate when the plate was in its place.
when does it happen to you ?

After cleaning the plate I put it back on, and the scanner pops up… I’m using tape to keep it down,


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Add one more to this issue.

So the deal is to tape it or RMA it?

Sigh… I just got my Flux branded PLA today…

I think I will tape it for now.

RMA it. Worth it. Tape til then. They will send you parts. Takes 15 minutes to fix.


They will send you the two parts, like Michael said, very easy to fix…


Add my name to the list. Submitted RMA just now.

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I got the same problem too. Just sent out the RMA. Hope it get fixed soon.

I received my replacement posts in a timely fashion, but have not installed them. Instead i just removed the originals leaving the holes open…no problem as I have no plans to use the scanner in its current form.

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