Laser power and tranparency

It looks that if the laser is modulated with transparency (without dithering like grey). Am I correct ? Else, how can I modulate the laser power without dithering please ?

Good question. I would like to involve someone from Flux to answer this question. When engraving a gray-scaled image, what happens? Does BeamStudio do its internal dithering - meaning it doesn’t adjust its laser power, but rather engraves at the same power, but according to the dithered pattern? Or, does it recognize different gray zones and adjust its laser power according to the amount of gray in the picture? It was my understanding BeamStudio did its internal black-and-white dithering and engraved on the selected Power. But, again, some help from Flux would be nice. How do we do this? Asking :slight_smile:

Engraved a few grayscale images and yes, the laser adjusts it’s power.
If you set it at 40% it would use 40% on black areas and dial the power down as the color gets whiter.
BTW @Bekie , the user you mentioned is just a spam account that just posted a link 2 years ago to some scam website :crazy_face:

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Thanks for clearing that up. Also smacking myself in the head for not noticing the spam account :roll_eyes: