Laser photo on cardboard


5 hours 5 minutes

I took a photo of an orchid with my H5D-40

Emboss filter etc合同会社-192939420897726/ for full details


This is awesome, which settings did you set for this?


Standard paper with 5mm “thickness”

I still have not gotten anything to work with paper. Everything I have done is on something this colour or darker.

I will do more next week.

Smallest print I have done in a very long time. I usually print at least A2 or A1 sized on a canon IPF 8300.

I would love to work on some of the Ilford cotton photo rag I have laying around.

I still have not done an actual 3D print yet though…


Great job. And now I wonder whether it is possible for the laser unit to print in grey scale by power control.


Typically, the laser output result will be “burned” or “not burned” and the depth is mostly determined by the power. You’ll probably find that shading for laser engraving is accomplished via a legacy method known as half-toning or the equivalent. Even today, a newspaper photo in black-and-white is a series of small dots of varying sizes. The larger dots more closely spaced provide dark shading while smaller dots spaced farther apart give light spacing.

With the precision of a laser, one can have very tight spacing and very tiny dots, so the effect will be as good as that of a newspaper image, although the surface will play a big part in that determination.


How long did it take to print that? Have you mucked with changing the laser speed in the advanced settings? I’ve only just tried laser etching, and I haven’t yet got my setting tweaked well.