Laser head banging on travel stops


Hi There,

Complete novice here so excuse ignorance.

Just unboxed the Beamo and gone through the initial setup procedure but got to the camera preview setting but as soon as I clicked on the camera icon, as per page 25, the laser head tries to go to the back and keeps repeatedly hitting the stops. I have to switch off to prevent damage occurring.

Any ideas folks?


Further to my last message I tried the Maintenance button on the touch screen and the m/c tries to return to the rear but fails and has an error message “Homing Error, Please Check Limit Switch”.
No information on this subject in the handbook.


No longer a problem now.
I noticed the parking microswitch and pressed the pressed the actuating lever a couple of times and that seems to have solved the problem, although I have no idea why.


This is happening to me right now. What do you mean by the parking microswitch and the actuating lever?