Laser Engraving Calibration Card

I made this up to experiment with settings on various materials. Hopefully it helps some of you as well.
Download full-size from here


Very nice, this is definitely needed!

Im lost. What am i supposed to do with that? sorry for the noob question…

The idea is that you can engrave this pattern on a new “unknown” material to test your power and speed settings.

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Ahh, now I get it. Funny enough, its actually what i need to test out some materials. Thanks for the answer and thanks for the image.

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This is cool, but doesn’t it require that you can adjust the power for each individual square over a single job? I think the first one is more useful given the limitations of the Flux software at the moment. I mean, you could still use this for all the different power levels, but the top one seems much easier to see results. Thanks for sharing that though.



Nice! I just saved that image and cut it into two separate files so I can discreetly test on surfaces I can’t get a sample piece of.

That’s exactly what I was hoping for! A great test pattern that won’t take 3 hours to run the test :slight_smile:

When I etch this, I don’t get gradients, just all or nothing – full burn above 40% saturation, nothing below.

nice thing to have hanging in your workroom when needing to engrave something :smiley:

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