Laser engraver with printer

Hello everyone just wondering from people that have the flux and got a laser engraver if you got the engraver with the printer as mine has arrived without it. Does anyone know if they are being shipped separately or did mine get misplaced.

Thanks to anyone who can help :slight_smile:


It’s with the drawing module.

Wasn’t in the box with it I did check as I noticed the box was labeled for both

So your drawing module is hollow inside? The laser is actually packaged with the drawing module holding the actual laser part. You have to press the release button pretty hard to separate it. Are you absolutely sure you pledged for it? Sounds obvious, but the laser wasn’t free. If you were supposed to get it and didn’t, I’m sure team Flux will get you sorted out.

Yes the drawing tool head was hollow Iv drawn with it so it would have to be l, also yes I did pledge for it.

Thank you for trying to help though :slight_smile:

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Fair enough. Just figured I’d ask. There are always Kickstarter backers that feel entitled yet are very uninformed. I’m glad you seem to be on point. As I said, I’m sure the Flux guys will get you squared away. Cheers!


If you got wrong content in the package, please contact our customer service.