Laser diode conversion

Any thoughts on installing a laser diode to temporarily replace the CO2 tube in a Beambox (Pro)? I’m wanting to get back into cutting wood veneers, cloth and paper but only at a low rate. The shelf life of a CO2 tube just isn’t worth it for this project. But it could be again in the future, so I’m hoping for a way to swap between the two rather than making a permanent conversion.

It looks like a full DIY project and not a fast swap.
Check this out: How to add a diode and a DPSS laser on your BEAMO FLUX Co2 laser machine - YouTube
They pretty much added a diode next to the CO2 nozzle and added a switch to commute fast between diode and co2 in the future.
I see they sell kits on their website but they go for $350 up to over $1,500. If you are a tech savvy guy maybe you can literally DIY some of the components. Good luck !