Laser alignment made easier with laser-cut targets

I tried aligning my new Beambox Pro using the instruction provided but found it very hard to measure the location of the beam relative to the mirror rings and the lens holder tube.

So I invented some acrylic targets that hold the tape and enable easy and accurate measurement of the alignment errors.

Please ask me and I will send you the BeamStudio program to cut the targets. I have removed about 1mm with engraving to form a ring that fits neatly into the holders. There is one for mirror 2, one for mirror 3 and one for the lens holder tube.

These fit neatly on the holder with the white tape and can be removed and viewed from the back to see exactly how close to the centre the beam is.

Finally, to check the beam at the bottom of the lens use a small piece of Blue-Tack instead of the white tape. It’s then really easy to see if the black spot is in the middle of the hole as the Blue-Tack holds the shape of the hole. Very hard seeing the outline on the white tape adhesive!


Excellent work and thank you for sharing. Yes, I would like a copy of your beam studio graphics ([email protected]). cheers, Jim

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Wow! This is amazing!! If it isn’t too much, I’d love to have the file as well. [email protected] Thank you for taking the time to share this.

If you could also fire this file off to me as well at [email protected] I would be forever in your debt!


I’d love the file too. Thanks!

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Great design. Could I grab the file too please - [email protected].

Could you please send me a copy of this job? [email protected]. Thanks in advance.

If I could have a copy of the file it would be very appreciated!
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Hi Ian. Thanks for sharing! I would love to have the files too. Best regards, Christian ([email protected])

Awesome! Me too please.

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Would these work for Beamo and Hexa? I’ve got both. If you could send the file please.

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