Large Simplify3D gcode file, problems uploading to SD card


I use Simplify3D to process large files when the built in slicers fail to work. So today I wanted to process a 65Mb lithophane model which, even after simplifying the mesh down to 17Mb, both Cura and Slic3r would not process.
I loaded the 65Mb model into Simplify3D and generated a 20Mb gcode file. But the problem is that I could not upload this directly to the SD card. It stops processing at 37% and looks like it has uploaded OK but on starting the file it reports the total print time will be 1hr11m instead of the expected 4hr14m and it then starts printing in mid air without warming up the toolhead.

I have got round the problem though. If I load the gcode file via the big floating IMPORT button I can see the whole model displayed but it will not allow me to click START. I can however save the .fc task file and then upload this to the SD card. I thought I used to be able to press START previously after importing a gcode model. I did not have any problems uploading the filenium malcon 48Mb gcode file previously so this might be a bug with the latest FS 0.7.1. The filenium malcon file also stops processing at about 40% if I upload it directly to the SD card.

So, why does the START button not work with an imported gcode file? And why do large gcode file stop being processed at 40% when uploaded directly to the SD card?


It shouldn’t be a problem on previous FS. I’ve been upload a lager gcode file (~40Mb) to SD card and it will be take more times for FS to convert it to fc file. I will test again tonight with a latest FS version.


I try to import/upload a 82MB gcode file and it takes about 2-3 minutes.


Hi goldensnake, thanks for trying it. I am using Win10 x64 FS0.7.1. Is this the same version as yours? And the START button, is that available after importing for you?


I import 60MB gcode file and start printing no problem. The 80MB gcode file, The print task doesn’t allow because out of bound fault but I can upload to SD card and print.