Kapton foil on build plate

I have just tried to put some “Kapton foil” on my build plate to get better printing results and reduce the clean up time with the glue :wink:

Unfortunately this doesn’t work well because the print head was to far away from the Kapton foil. I tried to adjust the z_offset smoothly to get it stick on the Kapton foil without glue but sometimes the z_offset works well (my last was -0.347) and sometimes is scratched me the whole foil, seems to be an issue with the calibration process.

Below you can see a picture from the build plate and the first successful print on the foil. The first layer is extremely smooth.

Just to share this experience with you. :slightly_smiling:
It is really hard to configure the FLUX in the right way to get the object stick on the foil and not scratch up the foil. The foil is also quite expensive.

May somebody has a special clue, I willl keep on trying.


And here is the object (new users can only put one image per post):

I’ve noticed inconsistencies with the Z0 height as well. It’s no good when you gouge your bed material, but at least you know right away and can kill the print and restart it.

The sensor contains of 3 pressure sensors, i don’t know the mechanism but if they are activated by closing an electrical circuit with the build plate then the capton should not be on the bottom.
Even kapton on the side can create friction with the housing that misaligns the calibration process.

The advantage of the Kapton foil is that you do not need glue anymore. A friend prints ABS with no heated bed and this foil and it works.

So if the whole printer is not moved on another place, there is may an option to store the last calibration values and use this ones for the next print without calibrating, may this fixes the issue, what do you think?

Then we could add an feature request.
Or someone of the Flux Team has a clue or hint on that @simon @Jim?

These are FSR’s or force sensing resistors. Many printers use them for bed leveling. It’s a pressure sensor, essentially. There is no electrical connection or contact except for what’s already sealed inside of them. A film on the metal bed, a non metal bed, etc shouldn’t effect the way they work.

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