Jagged lines acrylic engraving


The curved lines have some stepping/looks rough and jagged. We put the speed down to 20 and that didn’t make a difference, what could be causing this and what are some options to fix it?

The lines are outlined and saved as SVG

We are on Beamo


I’m assuming you’re cutting this as raster (cut head scanning back and forth, not following the curve of the lines).
What is the scale of the photo that you’re showing? What’s the rough distance from the bottom of the foot of the glass to the underside curve that’s shown in the top of the photo?

There are two places that these steps could be coming in from. The design stage, or the cut stage. To rule out the first, I’d open the SVG file that you’re bringing in and zoom in to inspect the lines closely and verify that similar stepping isn’t occurring in the design. Even if these were designed as smooth curves in the upstream software, I’ve seen some programs that have different settings for discretizing curves as connected straight lines. Higher quality settings use shorter and shorter line segments.

Assuming you can verify that your upstream image contains smooth curves, then the question is how is the Beambox choosing to cut it. I’ve seen a selection in settings that determines raster cut quality. You might try cranking that up to whatever the maximum is. That might force it to discretize to smaller steps, making the stair-stepping less to non-visible.

Assuming the above doesn’t work for you, you could also try taking just the outline of the image with no fill, and cut that in vector mode. Do the vector cut on the outline, then cut the fill on raster mode. That might serve to give a nice smooth outline, but still remove internal material up to the outline.


Thanks so much for your reply Alex!

So we are using a vector file I created in Adobe Illustrator, i’ve checked the lines in the file and they are smooth and there are not a lot of points or anything, we tried with a perfect circle as well just to double check.

The engraving overall is about 550mm and the bottom to the curved part is about 220mm.

We did it on wood too and you could see the stepping as well.

I did realise that when I exported the svg I didn’t tick ‘embed image’ and on beam studio we were selecting ‘acrylic engraving’

We did a test with the ‘embed image’ checked and also selected acrylic cutting on beam studio and it seems to have made a bit of a difference

That might be as good as we can get?